Tuesday, January 1, 2019

5 Tips To Hike Kawah Ijen Safely

Kawah Ijen was one of the most popular destinations in  Java, 2300 meters high and toxic environment made the visit really need extra attention. Any small error will cause a fatal condition for visitors. So that is why you should do these 5 simple tips from us to hike Kawah Ijen safely.

1. Good Shoes is Helpful, Gas Mask is A Must

The hike to Kawah Ijen dominated by a rocky and sandy trail which made easy to get slip along the way up. Good trekking shoes will help you to do the hike safely and more comfortable, the sneaker is fine as long as it has still having a good sole and could grip the base well.

Meanwhile getting down to the crater could become a serious challenge, small path that we have to share with other visitors and sulfur carrier. On the weekend or high season could be very crowded with tourists. Make sure you get a good gas mask from your tour guide as the sulfur gas in the crater bottom could be very terrible.

2. Share Your Path, Let Sulfur Carrier Pass First

The path to get down to the crater rim is really narrow, not wide enough for walking in a group. It has only one path to get down to the crater, so there is no different path between tourists and local workers. So let them go first as they carry almost 70 kg of sulfur on their shoulders. Just let them go first if not there will be a chance that you can cause an accident.

3. Do Not Go On The Top Of Blue Fire

There is a spot which made a possibility to see the blue fire in a very close range, but it located in a dangerous area. Local tour guide fell down and died instantly after trying to go to the spot to take pictures of burning blue flame for his guests. 

4. Do Not Over Selfie

Watch your steps while doing selfie, the volcano area consist of rocks that easily falling down. There were some tourists selfies a lot then caused rocks fell down and hit some workers below. Some workers were injured on the head, so be careful when you do selfie.

5. Hire Local Tour Guide

Yes, there is only one way from the starting gate to the top. You can hike by yourself without losing your way, just follow the crowd and you will be there at the right place. Meanwhile having a local tour guide will guarantee your safety and giving you information about the area.


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